Maeng Da Extract – What are its effects to health?

Maeng da extract is not your ordinary energy drink. Maeng da is a herbal product being developed because of its medicinal, stimulant and sedative value. Maeng da is a type of Kratom, which are tall trees endemic to southern Thailand. As of the meantime, it is being distributed in the form of pills and tea worldwide because of its medicinal effects.

Upper and Sedative at the Same Time?           

Yes, this is the effect that made kratom and maeng da extract extremely popular. The maeng da leaves are dark glossy evergreen, indicating the presence of 25 alkaloids. When taken in small amounts, the alkaloids in the maeng da kratom leaf act as stimulants. It stimulates the nervous system to function in an alert state. As an effect, the user becomes more mentally active and physically alert. Drinking maeng da extract tea is comparable to drinking an energy drink.

The euphoria caused by the extract is balanced by the sedating effects of the same alkaloids. When taken in larger amounts, maeng da extract causes the brain, organs and muscles to relax. In the same manner, the extract eases blood flow and relieves blood tension. Hence, it is potentially a good diet supplement for the elderly and patients of hypertension.

Medical Applications

Thai natives have been using maeng da extract since their early civilizations. They chew it with betel or brew the leaves into tea. The juice from the leaves is used to treat diarrhea. It is also used to treat wounds because of its pain-killing properties.

Maeng Da Extract vs. Alcohol and Restricted Drugs

Studies show so far that this exotic plant has no harmful and addicting effects. Hence, it is potentially the best alternative to alcohol and marijuana at the same time. As an added bonus, you get both the effects, resulting in a balanced state of alertness and focus. The bad thing about marijuana is that it damages the lungs. It also leaves the user in a state of lag and lack of brain-body coordination. With maeng da extract, you will feel a state of happiness and energy without these bad side-effects.

Maeng da extract also causes similar effects with alcohol. It relaxes the muscles and put the blood vessels as ease. The advantage is that you do not feel as drunk. In fact, the combination allows you to be active and enduring at the same time when doing tedious work. Moreover, you will not suffer from hangovers.