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Maeng Da Extract 101 – The Future of Herbal Medicine

Perhaps you already have heard about Maeng Da extract products. The Maeng Da or “Maeng Da Kratom” is a tree endemic to Thailand. Maeng Da is a genetically-cultured strain of the Kratom species, which has a scientific name of “Mitragyna speciosa.” The extract from its leaves are said to have medicinal values such as acting as pain killer, aphrodisiac and – strangely – a stimulant and euphorant at the same time.

The Mitragyna speciosa can reach beyong 50 feet, with spread of about 15 feet. The stem is generally straight with branches. It yields yellow flowers and dark glossy evergreen leaves, which are constantly being shed and replaced. It is challenging for farmers to raise them because they require fertile soils and constant moisture. The species, particularly the Maeng da strain, are more likely to grow on the southern regions of Thailand.

The effects of Maeng Da extract and other kratom species are still being discovered as of the moment. Since time immemorial, Thai natives are already chewing the leaves with betel, or turning them into balls and eat them. Thai farmers who have chewed or eaten Mang Da extract are said to have increased energy to carry on through the long day’s work.

Experts support these observations. Developers of Maeng Da extract products have discovered that the medicinal plants have dual effects. The extract can act as a stimulant and sedative at the same time when introduced to the human body. The effect depends on the amount taken in. For example, in small amounts which are ingested by chewing, kratom acts as a nervous stimulant. When taken in large amounts, the extract can cause meditational repose that lasts for 4-6 hours.

By playing around with the dosage, labs have produced Maeng Da extract products that maximize these simultaneous stimulant-sedative effects. People who use it become mentally alert and physically active. At the same time, the body remains relaxed and blood flow remains optimal. Moreover, Kratom and Maeng Da in particular are popular pain killers and anti-diarrhea.

Recent studies show that the exotic plant has aphrodisiac properties. Most of the male users can last longer in sexual intercourse. This effect can be attributed to the unique sedating and stimulating effect caused by the Maeng Da extract. Scientists also said that the effects of Maeng Da are potentially better than those of marijuana and alcohol. Besides being widely accepted and legal, kratom retains the users’ control on his/her focus and motor skills.

Herbal Medicine Guide – The Effects of Maeng da Extract

If you are interested in modern, healthy herbal medicines and supplements, you must have already stumbled upon the “maeng da extract.” The Maeng da Kratom and all the Kratom tree variants are towering plants which are indigenous to Thailand. Maeng da is a genetically-modified strain of Kratom. It is said to have more healthy alkaloids than the rest of its kind, and it has more potent medicinal effects. Nowadays, maeng da are available commercially in capsules and in teabags.

The proven clinical effects of the plant include pain-killing. When ingested in large amounts, the extract can relax the muscles and relieve wound pains and muscle pains. Natives also drink the leave extract to cure diarrhea and restore regular bowel movement.

What interests experts greatly in developing the maeng da extract is its stimulating and sedating properties. The glossy dark green leaves contain various alkaloids which cause the body to be alert and relaxed at the same time. Native farmers, since the old times, eat the leaves or chew them with betel. The extract allows them to work all day by keeping them awake, active and resistant to muscle pain – all at the same time. That’s why kratom and maeng da are called “the workers’ plants.”

The effects have plenty of potential in the field of therapies and rehabilitation from opiates and certain substance addictions. However, these therapeutic properties are yet to be verified and must not be used for self-medication.

According to researchers, Kratom and maeng da extract are remotely better substitutes than alcohol, marijuana and restricted drugs. As of now, there are no known nervous and digestive system damages that the extract can cause. Moreover, the user retains logic and body coordination while maeng da is present in his/her body. The euphoric effect is equaled by the plants sedating effect, which is similar to alcohol’s. The best part is that the user do not suffer from headaches and hangovers.

However, users must be warned. All the effects of maeng da extract are not yet clinically discovered. It will still take months or even years to fully understand the effects of the extract when it is ingested by the body. As of now, the guarantee of its safety is that Thai natives are using it as time immemorial. If you deem it safe enough, then find a trusted, lab-certified distributor now to experience the dual stimulating and relaxing effects of this exotic plant.

Maeng Da Extract – What are its effects to health?

Maeng da extract is not your ordinary energy drink. Maeng da is a herbal product being developed because of its medicinal, stimulant and sedative value. Maeng da is a type of Kratom, which are tall trees endemic to southern Thailand. As of the meantime, it is being distributed in the form of pills and tea worldwide because of its medicinal effects.

Upper and Sedative at the Same Time?           

Yes, this is the effect that made kratom and maeng da extract extremely popular. The maeng da leaves are dark glossy evergreen, indicating the presence of 25 alkaloids. When taken in small amounts, the alkaloids in the maeng da kratom leaf act as stimulants. It stimulates the nervous system to function in an alert state. As an effect, the user becomes more mentally active and physically alert. Drinking maeng da extract tea is comparable to drinking an energy drink.

The euphoria caused by the extract is balanced by the sedating effects of the same alkaloids. When taken in larger amounts, maeng da extract causes the brain, organs and muscles to relax. In the same manner, the extract eases blood flow and relieves blood tension. Hence, it is potentially a good diet supplement for the elderly and patients of hypertension.

Medical Applications

Thai natives have been using maeng da extract since their early civilizations. They chew it with betel or brew the leaves into tea. The juice from the leaves is used to treat diarrhea. It is also used to treat wounds because of its pain-killing properties.

Maeng Da Extract vs. Alcohol and Restricted Drugs

Studies show so far that this exotic plant has no harmful and addicting effects. Hence, it is potentially the best alternative to alcohol and marijuana at the same time. As an added bonus, you get both the effects, resulting in a balanced state of alertness and focus. The bad thing about marijuana is that it damages the lungs. It also leaves the user in a state of lag and lack of brain-body coordination. With maeng da extract, you will feel a state of happiness and energy without these bad side-effects.

Maeng da extract also causes similar effects with alcohol. It relaxes the muscles and put the blood vessels as ease. The advantage is that you do not feel as drunk. In fact, the combination allows you to be active and enduring at the same time when doing tedious work. Moreover, you will not suffer from hangovers.

Maeng de Extract – The New Wonder Herbal Medicine

Maeng da Extract 101

Maeng da extract comes from the leaves of the maeng da kratom tree. The tree is endemic to Thailand, particularly in the southern regions. The trunk reaches beyond 50 feet, with the branches reaching a lateral diameter of 15 feet. Kratom is very sensitive to changes in the environment and it easily sheds leaves during warm months. Raising the trees is a bit difficult because they need much fertilizer and moisture.

Effects to the Human Body                               

The juice from Kratom and maeng da leaves is dubbed in Thailand as “Workers Juice.” Farmers and heavy workers chew kratom leaves with betel or drink them as tea. That gives them enough energy, focus and endurance to work whole day. The maeng da extract works like an energy drink, with added focus and stamina.

Now, how does it work? The dark glossy green kratom leaves are rich with special alkaloids. Maeng da leaves have 25 of these alkaloids – one of the richest among the species. The alkaloids act as a stimulant, which powers up the nervous system. They cause a state of energy and happiness. Interestingly, the same alkaloids cause a sedating effect. It relaxes the muscles, making them more enduring and resistant to pain.

In other words, maeng da extract has similar effects of marijuana and alcohol to the body. However, it does not cause the harmful effects such as damage to the lungs and loss of mind-body coordination. The user will also not suffer from hangovers.

Potentials for the Field of Medicine

The sedative and curative effects of maeng da extract have been used by native Thais since time immemorial.  They chew the leaves with betel which, besides giving a pleasant flavor, strengthen their teeth and gums. They also brew the leaves for traditional beverage. Usually, they grind the leaves and put them into tea bags.

The extract is used to treat wounds because of its pain-killing effect. It also has effects similar to ibuprofen, which takes care of muscle pain. Moreover, maeng da tea can be used to alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

Important Notes

The therapeutic effects of maeng da extract are not yet widely accepted in the medical community. More tests are needed to prove the effectiveness of the exotic plant and its safety when introduced to the human body. Hence, it is to be ingested solely as dietary supplement, similar with the way multivitamin capsules are to be taken. The extract must not be used.